Predictive Policing – Anticipatory Organizations

An Anticipatory Organization™ incorporates the future into their present day practices. They have an eye toward what is coming and make concrete plans in the present to prepare for what lies ahead. Of course, this model doesn’t just apply to businesses. Anticipating the future has benefits for everyone. A new product developed by Hitachi takes […]

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San Francisco Crime Analysis 2014

In this assignment, some exploratory analysis is done on the criminal incident data from Seattle and San Francisco to visualize patterns and contrast and compare patterns across the two cities. Data used: The real crime dataset from Summer (June-Aug) 2014 for both of two US cities Seattle and San Francisco has been used for the […]

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Wynyard Group continues to disappoint shareholders

The penny stock  – already beaten down after a virtual continuum of disappointing results – has dropped 20% this month.

AUGUST 24 UPDATE – “Wynyard performance ‘dreadful’ according to Milford Asset Management”

And the beat down goes on…


Report: California ‘Gang Intelligence Database’ fails to ensure individual privacy

gangHere is another great reason why it is important for agencies to follow best practices in intelligence data management. The regulations behind DOJ 28 CFR Part 23 are meant to help agencies walk the line between effective intelligence gathering and the right to an individual’s privacy.

28 CFR Part 23 compliant intelligence management software is available and an inexpensive way for agencies to walk the line between effective criminal intelligence and individual privacy.

SFGate writer Vivian Ho’s article is at

We think it is well-written and accurately describes a real problem faced by law enforcement agencies across the country.

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