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How Law Enforcement Utilizes New Technology

As technology continues to advance, law enforcement has found it necessary to adapt and evolve alongside it. Rather than let themselves be technologically outgunned by tech-savvy criminals, law enforcement has utilized the advancements of the 21st century as weapons in the fight against crime.

One instance of this is in social media. The idea that almost everybody has voluntarily uploaded a database of their own personal information via Facebook or Instagram has been advantageous to investigators. These kind of apps let police look through pictures, phone numbers, addresses, lists of known associates (friends) etc… all from the comfort of a computer screen or smartphone. It is also useful in vetting potential applicants for employment. Police also use social media as a method of social outreach to their communities, fostering a culture of respect between police and the public.

smartdevicesSmartphones and tablets have other uses in the field besides quick access to social media. The access to GPS via Google Maps or Apple Maps can help officers find their way to a destination more quickly and avoid high traffic areas. GPS has the added advantage of being able to record incident locations. There are also translation applications which can help officers communicate with witnesses or suspects that may speak another language, without the hassle of needing to wait for a human translator. They also allow officers to take a picture and immediately send it off for analysis.

police-droneAnother millennial technology that law enforcement has begun to adapt are unmanned drones. These flying machines can record images and videos in places foot patrols may not be able to access, and can send the information back in real time to crime analysts or department leaders. This can potentially be used to assess hostile situations from afar so as to minimize risk to law enforcement personnel.

v4Back at the precinct, powerful analytics software helps crime agencies study and recognize patterns and trends in crime. The data produced allows leadership to assign citywide resources to the places they will be most effectively utilized. At the same time, investigative case management software is helping investigators to keep track of their investigations in an easily accessible and secure format. These technologies help law enforcement be more effective in their day to day dealings.

Case Closed Cloud™ Announces Large U.S. Federal Contract

(January 22, 2018) Washington, DC – Case Closed Software® announced today that a large US Federal Government Executive Department has selected Case Closed Cloud™ as its next-generation investigative case management platform.


The Department, with over 50,000 employees, is involved in investigating criminal cases and enforcing industry compliance in conjunction with their counterparts in all 50 U.S. States.

Case Closed Cloud is an innovative new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) investigation management platform from Crime Tech Solutions, LLC – a leading provider of software to law enforcement, state agencies, and other investigative agencies.


“Case Close Cloud is an innovative new offering, and is already disrupting the case management industry”, said Douglas Wood, the company’s founder and chief executive. “This new customer chose us specifically for our unparalleled feature set, and because they can begin using the system without any significant upfront costs or IT requirements.”

Case Closed Software offers its software in both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud-based’ deployments, meaning that customers can quickly deploy the functionality in the manner that best suits their business requirements.

“The five year contract gives the customer access to our full suite of case management and big data investigation analytics”, added Mehul Panchal, Case Closed Software’s chief technology officer.

Good PR fosters good police work

How police can take advantage of Facebook’s Algorithm. Posted by Tyler Wood.

It’s 2018. Facebook is over a decade old and is still not only one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but an integral part of seemingly everybody’s life. Organizations of all types use Facebook to reach out to their target audience whether they be the local community, potential buyers, etc…

social-media-police-350x350Law enforcement organizations are no exception. Over the past decade or so, police departments around the globe have found that reaching out to their community via social media can lead to a better relationship between the police and the people they protect. It can also be a great way to crowdsource tips that could be of immense value to law enforcement.

An important aspect of social media use is understanding the algorithms that prioritize what content is seen by whom. The more people can see a post, the more the community becomes engaged with the content being shared. There are several ways to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm.

One of these ways is to share and re-share content. Every Facebook page has at least one administrator. After posting the content on the Police Department page, the admin(s) can share the the post from their personal account to get more views. Another way to ensure visibility is to curate posts so that they appeal to the target audience. Viewers will share content on their own pages more often if that content relates to them. It is important to let the audience know that they and their law enforcement live and work within the same community.

Police-Twitter-LogoIt is also important to engage with the community. Posts with more comments get pushed up higher in people’s news feeds. If a person comments on a post it is a great idea to comment back. Engaging in conversation not only makes the community feel more in touch with law enforcement, but it also helps the content to be seen by more people. Of course, there is another side to this engagement… most notably, the opportunity for mistakes and abuse.

Other helpful tips include: Share news. The way Facebook’s algorithm is set up favors content from news sources. These posts will typically be prioritized over other types of posts. It is also wise to take advantage of Facebook’s Live feature. Live videos are typically viewed over twice as many times as recorded ones.

Using these tips, law enforcement should be able to actively and effectively engage with and reach out to the communities they police. Good PR fosters good police work.

Copying Software | Stealing Data

If there was ever a reason to consider cloud-based investigation management software, this is it…

Personal identifying information (PII) related to nearly a quarter million DHS employees (and others connected with the agency) was compromised back in 2014. In May, the Homeland Security IG office found a copy of its investigative case management system—and the reams of personal information contained within it – in the possession of a former office employee, according to a department statement. Read the full story here.

donotcopyCase Closed Cloud is a secure, cloud-based investigation case management solution for government and other investigation agencies. There is no software for employees to copy or download.


Big Data Policing – Pieces of Needles across Many Haystacks

A new solution for big data policing is answering the question “Can my agency afford big data policing?“. Strategic partners Visallo™ and Case Closed Software™ have built an affordable alternative to the types of solutions sold by Palantir Technologies™, IBM, and other massive tech companies.

The Visallo | Case Closed offering is the only affordable alternative for law enforcement agencies who know that the practice of crime analysis and criminal investigations management can be much worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s actually pieces of needles hidden across many haystacks.

Finding those pieces and putting them together requires a metal detector and soldering gun. Visallo is the metal detector. Case Closed Software is the soldering iron.

Download our Pieces of Needles and Many Haystacks synopsis now, and contact us through the form below for more information:



RNRlogofinalwhiteDecember 4, 2017 (Austin, TX)   Case Closed Software®, a leader in the development of investigation software for law enforcement and commercial agencies, has been named by leading research company Research ‘N Reports as a ‘Key Vendor’ for the global investigation software market.

The report, “Latest Research on the Investigation Management Software Market” studies the global Investigation Management Software market, analyzes and researches the investigation management software development status, and provides market forecasts in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.

Just days ago, on November 29th, Case Closed Software announced the release of Case Closed Cloud™, a SaaS version of its leading case management software.

Graph and Map Formatting and Annotations coming to Visallo 4.0

Showing off all your hard work and in-depth analysis will be easier and faster than ever with Visallo 4.0, thanks to a host of new formatting and annotation options for graphs and maps. CLICK HERE for a sneak peak of what to expect with the new release.