Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing

Posted by Douglas Wood, CEO of Case Closed Software – a leader in investigation software  and analytics for law enforcement. Headquartered here in Central Texas, I recently had an opportunity to have coffee with Dr. Sarah Brayne, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin. Ms. Brayne had just published an interesting article in … More Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing

Data continues to influence policing

Great article by Megan Favignano at New Press Now. Original article at A copy of the article follows: A recent report questions how some police departments are using data to forecast future crimes. The report examined how departments are utilizing predictive policing, a computer software that uses data to forecast where crime may happen, who … More Data continues to influence policing

NBC News gets rare look at NYPD CompStat meeting

Posted by Tyler Wood, Operations Manager at Crime Tech Solutions. NBC News was recently allowed a rare opportunity to sit in on a CompStat (computer statistics) meeting with the New York Police Department and they shared their experience with their viewers. Watch the short video HERE. (NOTE: Crime Tech Solutions is an Austin, TX based … More NBC News gets rare look at NYPD CompStat meeting

Is “Minority Report” pure fiction?

Posted by Douglas Wood. Journalist Raj Shekhar had an interesting article in the Times of India this week. It’s like PreCrime, only four decades early. The “predictive policing” system seen in the Tom Cruise blockbuster Minority Report is now taking shape in Delhi. But instead of the three slime-immersed psychic “Precogs” that system relied on, Delhi Police’s … More Is “Minority Report” pure fiction?