Using crime analysis solutions to take a ‘Byte’ out of crime

Posted by Crime Tech Solutions  Law enforcement agencies everywhere are tasked with reducing and investigating crime with fewer and fewer resources at their disposal. “To protect and serve” is the highest responsibilities one can sign up for, particularly in light of recent well-publicized criticisms of police by activists in every city. That responsibility weighs even … More Using crime analysis solutions to take a ‘Byte’ out of crime

Data continues to influence policing

Great article by Megan Favignano at New Press Now. Original article at A copy of the article follows: A recent report questions how some police departments are using data to forecast future crimes. The report examined how departments are utilizing predictive policing, a computer software that uses data to forecast where crime may happen, who … More Data continues to influence policing

Police Data: Beyond ‘black’ and ‘white’?

Published by Crime Tech Solutions The notion of predictive policing is hotly debated. Some suggest that the technology removes the elements of racial bias in policing. Others claim that it does little to improve public safety. In fact, the predictive policing world took a hit recently when Milpita Police Department in California canceled a contract … More Police Data: Beyond ‘black’ and ‘white’?