Using crime analysis solutions to take a ‘Byte’ out of crime

Posted by Crime Tech Solutions  Law enforcement agencies everywhere are tasked with reducing and investigating crime with fewer and fewer resources at their disposal. “To protect and serve” is the highest responsibilities one can sign up for, particularly in light of recent well-publicized criticisms of police by activists in every city. That responsibility weighs even … More Using crime analysis solutions to take a ‘Byte’ out of crime

Crime Tech Solutions Acquires Case Closed Software

June 1, 2016 (Austin, TX)   Crime Tech Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of analytics and investigation software for law enforcement and commercial markets, today announced that it has acquired Cleveland, TN based Case Closed Software in a cash transaction. The terms of the deal were not released, but according to Crime Tech Solutions’ founder and … More Crime Tech Solutions Acquires Case Closed Software

Predictive Policing: Two experts debate

This is a must-read for law enforcement analysts and investigators. Great article from the Wall Street Journal. Read it HERE. (NOTE: Crime Tech Solutions is an Austin, TX based provider of crime and fraud analytics software for commercial and law enforcement groups. Our offerings include sophisticated link analysis software, comprehensive crime analytics with mapping and predictive policing, … More Predictive Policing: Two experts debate

Is “Minority Report” pure fiction?

Posted by Douglas Wood. Journalist Raj Shekhar had an interesting article in the Times of India this week. It’s like PreCrime, only four decades early. The “predictive policing” system seen in the Tom Cruise blockbuster Minority Report is now taking shape in Delhi. But instead of the three slime-immersed psychic “Precogs” that system relied on, Delhi Police’s … More Is “Minority Report” pure fiction?